We have a simple shell program hsh — which is complied from 3 source files main.c, type_prompt.c, and read_command.c

type_prompt.c contains the source code which avails a command prompt, which is basically an empty screen with a cursor ready for a command to be typed:

Here is the empty screen with the cursor immediately after the # tag

The read_command.c contains source code that reads input from STDIN, which are commands and parameters. Then the read_command function breaks the input into different tokens.

main.c runs type_prompt and read_command functions, which means they will be child processes of the main function. …

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Last Thursday, 21 May, the government announced that cases in Kenya will peak between August and September. They predict that at peak they will be announcing 200 new cases daily. Nearly two months ago, on 30th March, the government announced that it projected at least 10,000 cases of Covid-19 in Kenya by May. Its not clear whether that projection materialized given how they were doing just 600 daily tests at the time.

Across the world, governments have relied on projections to understand the spread of the coronavirus and how to respond to it. The projections are found by utilizing available…

Sunday marked 50 days since the World Health Organization received the first confirmation of a case of Covid-19 in Kenya. So far the country has confirmed 374 cases, and 14 deaths. The government’s approach to contain the virus is a testing and tracing regime that has so far tested 24,784 samples. Furthermore, the government has done a partial lock-down, ordering a dusk to dawn curfew, closure of facilities that work with large gatherings, and an embargo on travel to/from hotspot towns, including Nairobi, and Mombasa. So, because of Kenya’s pre-existing conditions; dense population, tuberculosis, HIV, poor healthcare resources, we knew…

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